if you can’t fuck then you write poemsaspirate your dreams on the streetwith sugar feet, running all that diabetesinto the bitter taryou go for a sprint so you don’t fuckshit up, you write a novel on papersyou should have burnedthe palimpsest of callsof responsesthat chicago now rapsif you can’t fuck you killlet off a heavy […]

69 characters

birds birds birds, fly with fashionable capestweet in town barren of flair, light up light up light upthose places with wingswings of solace, stroked in solitudepleas of dancing soaked in bollywoodtease of kisses, against a walla promise of sleep folded in sheetsim happy like thisalone and freeim also sad like thisalone and freetweet tweet tweet, […]


i’m interested in a summer time picture a dress like blinds, with strings I can see when the breeze bets I hope it wins undressing the sand from the sea leaving naked shells muscles exposed, sinews uncovered sleeves rolled up mountainous heaps helped with scoops ice cream licked with spoons sand dunes shaped like crescent […]


things are taken without permission, into a pot of paws, cow, chicken, pork and protein paws take what’s theirs this now-pimpled hat taken off the couch, is stuck on my head, shouting at passersby “i am his now!” in this place persuasion is important tell me no, and I’ll inch you to a maybe tell […]

the obsessed tip

you’re missing out on some good shit, barefoot blend with a plastic bowler hat tin top, twisted until a cheap ring falls back from the cap, the groove and grind the female, male end parts start madness has come with a glance it’s never going back


i used to be in the drum,in the cold up to my nosein my ears up to the crashof cold blooded sticks on snake skini used to be in the drugsin the bottom up to my waistpull out my pee to bake yellow cakebombed and disgracedi used to be a bumi miss that.


chicago was cold, and i was brand new. off the boat from a banana republic the president of which, was an old school king bred to rule what does this mean? a change wasn’t coming my hands made fists, my fist’s knuckles scraped the inside of my pea-coat the wind was stiff– i mean it […]


tomorrow is so long from now, i want cold no’s to remind me of her cold nose that nothing is certain, and no one knows really round, from square or exes from oooooooos stretch me out, like film over your windows to watch the wintered egos migrate over lakes, break stones, sticks and states deliver […]


saw two black men reach into their pocket deep, like they were digging for the ratchetin big black sweat pants, pause their thick violent moustachioed browsand menacing big black veined hands disappearing, then swelling and bulging pause coming on them was a sad white boy pause he was sure to get done– blackened with a […]