i’ve been abroad, helped aboard a long sun board sailing, apollo apologizing to the night every time i sprinkled morning dust bunnies a sneezing god, docked for a while on my chariot can’t see so i stop when i sneeze, involuntarily my wide horizon eyes shut so I stop. then shoot off again to do my kind, […]

we doth protest

hipsters go home to whence you came -foreign dervishes- twirl your beards and plant your cane somewhere else, en haiti maybe spit a spent stalk in your own yard our stray dogs with their stretched teats can no longer clean the streets your hushpuppies feed they are full on your litter our little ones cry at […]


let’s work, push those papers, pusha T dreams in paper shift the carriage, and be the type of writer that CAN ride inspiration and cobblestone figure all his characters on a soft couch behind an old desk with soft parade and pride all the paper balls in a pile fingers caught, falling between keys keys […]

good morning in the morning

whom do you say good morning to? the ants that breakfast scramble on your skin ? the ones you blow off with killing kisses? books? pulpy and oranged juiced? the ones you dismissed then picked up when you missed your misses? the porcelain pot, the old man at the bus stop, the mail man on […]

nothing to do with trayvon

all dogs go to heaven and all kisses start with spaghetti the grass never itches and… two to the floor, one back up again hiccups and water rigged by the cops again sweltering heat, upset again and that tummy tumbles like the rest again another disappointment, what else were you expecting again im a kettle […]

pull the plug

it is obscene, gratuitously obscene that i ride a bike, and you drive through that i ride a bike, but glass shimmer through her cut feet that her cut feet bleed but his stumps are sure, short and stout that that phantom itch he cant scratch bothers but brother, this coma bothers pull the plug.