chicago was cold, and i was brand new. off the boat from a banana republic
the president of which, was an old school king bred to rule
what does this mean? a change wasn’t coming
my hands made fists, my fist’s knuckles scraped the inside of my pea-coat
the wind was stiff– i mean it is chicago– and whispered “you are alone”
god don’t like ugly, i ruminated, god don’t like ugly
but here i was arms outstretched trying harder than an orphan to embrace
this machine, with its wards and aldermen, its kielbasas and awesomeness
and i failed, oh annie i failed. i came to it a tap dancing, happy as a holiday
impractical colt,
but i don’t prance anymore, i don’t dance anymore
chicago shot my little pony, pumped it’s pink line into her
streaked that mane of mine with blood
left me cold man, left me a cold man, cold as ice, blood as ice
i was there but chicago just left me


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