saw two black men reach into their pocket deep, like they were digging for the ratchetin big black sweat pants, pause their thick violent moustachioed browsand menacing big black veined hands disappearing, then swelling and bulging pause coming on them was a sad white boy pause he was sure to get done– blackened with a […]

blah blah

the hospital right next to the hospice,on whose earth is this possible, all these bones dancingimpossible to ignore, calcium robotsrancid, so they are shipped to the storesold at an elephant’s graveyardquartered for parts… you know, its all a distraction, from her,from him, from it


1. at 21 I toyed with two things,staying young and turning twenty two,chanting thirty minutes of the sutra,forgetting my name, my chains,my rosemary beads and the balmoval shaped pressed from a palminto my mouththe Eucharist, ridiculoussince the black church left the white rockof st. peter’s upside down crossfor smutat 21 i toyed with no girls […]