we doth protest

hipsters go home
to whence you came
-foreign dervishes-
twirl your beards and plant your cane
somewhere else, en haiti maybe
spit a spent stalk in your own yard
our stray dogs with their stretched teats
can no longer clean the streets
your hushpuppies feed
they are full on your litter
our little ones cry
at every graffitti  panicked wall
so we pray for better things

still our wishes are  tucked in a gnat’s ass
in the crack of caterpillar penis rings
in the flutter of butterfly eye flurries

modern day vasco
cruelly slicing ears off corn
affixing a minute of con
on years of mortar and stone
malevolent rascal
mixing our rich history
with miracle whip and sour cream,
and queso, to make elote,
from the border to the brink, bullying coyote

respect our roots, go home
port au prince overtaken with boots
banda aceh overtook the news
detroit stands in similar shoes
hipsters dancing to tom toms


toms, made from raffia from you
stitched with a batik flair
loomed by white clouds, clear
over streets raining with new feet
and you doth protest?

the natives are protectionist,colonialists quiet, rain is falling and yet we “why” it
walls panic strickenImage

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