“letterpress” is ONE word.

what is the nature of fear Leon Johnson?
only fools ask that question
you have knees don’t you?
you have feet?
well bury them in grapes and march
pick up steinbeck and laugh
drink, dance, your eyes over grass
lets blades tickle and the sun scratch
oops scorch
oops drop, drop drip, what you did
from your feet, drink
PRESS it all together, shake it
hold all that will burst in a LETTER

and when it opens in your face
it is not one word, two words, three people or even a place
it’s, in the word of my mother, an ignominious hurray
of ruckus, misspelled and pronounce, inaudible and loud
haka, hawked from an aboriginal throat and spat with glee
another day, with everything that marks men as men
what then is there to fear, when you have wine and words

keep letterpress whole
rip apart everything else, like fear– F-E, A-R, F, EAR, F-E-A, R-
until there is nothing.

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